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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Couldn't think of a title so wip it is. I was thinking more and more about this weeks submission for the trollblood challenge and I just couldn't do whelps so I had to scramble to get something else finished. I was looking through the models I recently primed and decided to go with another member of my Kriel Warrior deathstar....the standard bearer. He doesn't have that much skin and has a much of metal so that makes him pretty fast (for me).

This is were the standard sits after about a days work on him. The skin, metal, and leathers are done. I need to highlight the tartan, do another highlight or two on the standard, paint the flames, do the base as per my normal steps, and paint his shield. There is still plenty that needs to get done in the next two days but we should be OK.

I have also gotten some work done on eBloodsong. Despite here tier list being on hold for a little bit I want to get her finished up. I have blocked in her skin and red skirt. I have also repainted her white metals (change my color selection) and started the tedious task of lining in all the yellow metals. She has a ways to go but I like how she is shaping up.

Lastly I have done a little work on our happy little whelps. I did a shading was on the EBDT whelp and painted in the red protrusions on our two grey whelps. I still hope to have them done Friday with the standard but do not intend to submit them to Goris.

Unpictured I did a little base work on Madrak who is to be submitted to 'Gday in 3 days.....look at that despite being nearly finished over a week ago I will be sending him in last minute again. I have a bunch I still want/need to get finished prior to hitting the road for Templecon in a week. My new Battlefoam trollblood load out bag should be here tomorrow so that is exciting and in plenty of time to pack. Hopefully more wip/finished pics tonight/tomorrow/Friday.

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