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Saturday, January 28, 2012

This and That

Despite not having too many finished minis to show I have gotten a fair bit of work done of the past few days. I finished up Madrak for this months PTT but haven't had a chance to take some photos. I am not sure I am 100% in love with the skin and I am considering an additional wash to tone it down a bit. That, however, will have to wait.

Here are some wips of Carver and Grissel as I promised last evening. They both are shaping up nicely. Grissel will be pretty straight forward from here as I know my normal progression. Carver on the other had will be trial and error seeing as farrow skin tones will be something entirely new for me.

I need to finish putting in all the yellow metal trim and accents then she will be ready for a wash. This step always makes a big difference in moving a mini closer to done.

The metals are mostly done at this point. Unfortunately some of the shading is washed out as I had the mini to close to the light when I took these photos.
This brings me to some Templecon prep. Here is my new Battlefoam bag which arrived yesterday afternoon. This load out will be temporary as I intend to replace some of the trays with custom one to more closely match my minis. I also like to have my minis standing upright whenever possible so when I do my custom trays it will try to accommodate this.

This bag hold significantly more minis than my old bag so hopefully I will never have to udder the phrase "@#$% I forgot ____ anyone have _____ I can borrow? No? Guess I am changing my list" Sadly I have said something along those lines too often.

I also picked up a little something to enjoy at Templecon....

So Les, how do you want yours?A little ginger or on the rocks?

OK off to the FLGS for a little tourney and practise prior to Templcon. I think we will be rolling with Jarl and Borka today but I will see what mood I am in when I get to the store. I might post some photos later tonight if I remember to take them.


  1. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!In Any way, shape or form.

    1. You got it brotha. Just be prepared it is 100 proof not 80 :)