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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little This A Little That

I did a little painting over the last two days but didn't really focus on a single mini. I did the stones around Madrak's neck and Grissel's Hammer, did a little work on Janissa's skin, did some highlighting on Calandra's clothing, and painted up Maddy's base. Calandra received the most work of all the minis. 

Calandra is one of my favorite 'lock in the Trollblood faction. Cally has been in a state of "partially painted" for over a year. She sees a fair amount of table time (for me) I just never got around to finishing her up. I decided to put her on the work table as well. I went in and highlighted the purple cloth, red cloth, and tan tartan. I am still up in the air about putting the pattern in on the tartan. I think I want to do another highlight or two on the skin and clean up some details (such as paint the gem) and she will be done...after the base is finished obviously.

Nothing too exciting here just did my standard rock drybrush routine as described in the Gudrun build a base post. The base is all set for Maddy once he is finished. once he is glued on I will put down some of the "dirt mix" like Gundrun and then it will be truly done.

I made a little progress yesterday on my assembly and got the two cabers cleaned and assembled, the kriel warrior ua cleaned and assembled, 2 warrior grunts done, and the blister of whelps. Five more warriors to go and they will be ready for the airbrush (hopefully this weekend)

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