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Monday, January 2, 2012

Random Miniature Monday/Target Missed?

Happy New Years all. Back again for another RMM....and unlike last week it is actually Monday. Today's mini I painted a little before Wrath came out. I was in a Khador kick and I wanted to throw him in with the Iron Fang Pikeman I picked up. Well the Khador stuff never got finished but Ragman did.

I always enjoy painting purple yet don't seem to use it that often. I was happy how he came out. Part of me wants to try and do a glow effect from his eyes but I usually chicken out with doing effects on finished models as I don't want to mess them up. He needs to have a little grass put on the base but I have been putting off grass on all my minis for the time being and plan on doing a large batch at once. I am also looking into picking up some of those pre-made grass tufts to try out.

So I put target missed? in the title 'cause I am apparently an idiot. I check out Lost Hemisphere on a daily basis to see what Gday and the guys have going on. I always look forward to the Paint the Target days as I like to see what Gday does for a caption up on my submission. Today was PtT day and as I was scrolling down I notice my 'swarm and snapper were not there.....what gives? I know I sent him my submission. Sure it was last minute but that hasn't been an issue in the past....hell I even had my time stamp which he likes to comment on. I went to my email account looked at the sent fold and there it was my email....oops never attached the photo (I'm an idiot). Well at least I got some stuff finished. This month the target is to paint a model with a magic ability. Since I need to paint up my alt Madrak and have done nothing on eBloodsong there are two perfect candidates right there. I expect I will be doing Maddy first seeing as I want him for a Templecon list.

I also decided I am going to try and do the painting challenge over at Trollblood Scrum. I will be doing Trolls/Minions (if that is allowed) as if I decide to batch a troll unit I can instead do a single minion model for that weeks submission. I also figure this will be a good way for me to finally paint up them Fennblades while killing 12 weeks worth of submissions.

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