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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Madrak + One

OK here are some wip of the fearless leader of the kriels. I worked on the skin a bit including 2 shade washes and some highlights. The skin is washing out pretty bad in these photos so it is a little hard to see. I am not sure I am happy with it at the current time either so I will most likely be going back and do some more work on Maddy. He is mostly finished at this time and once I get the skin where I want it all that is left is the tartan, highlighting some of the leather, and finishing up the base.

I hope to have him done in the next day or so. I can then submit him to Gday over at Lost Hemisphere for this months PtT. This week also starts the weekly challenge over at Trollbloodscrum so I need to pick a mini to paint for them. I think a caber thrower is in order but who knows. I still have a bunch I want to get done prior to February.

With Madrak being covered that brings us to the plus one. Last year about this time I painted a Reinholdt for a guy in our gaming group. I was in the mood to paint something up for someone and he had always been complimentary of my Reinholdt so it was a perfect pairing. This year around the holiday I decided I wanted to do this again but with someone else. Instead of just picking a mini and surprising someone I got in touch with one of the guys and asked what he would like. Rumor was he was about to start a new faction so I figured it would be a good place to start. Turns out he was looking to start pigs (I have been fighting the urge to buy Carver since I saw his 1st photo) and that he would be happy to have me paint up the BMMD for him. I as given the mini on Wednesday while my trolls were getting beat down. We had no established timetable on Carver but I got excited and started working on him Thursday morning.

The first photo is after I primed him. I was going to try and do a 2 color prime to avoid having to go back and paint in all the black. The over spray was a little much so I just stopped (I am not that skilled with the airbrush yet). I then went on to block in some of the basecoats on the skin and cape. I asked Les if he was cool with purple and he was down so I blocked it in to see if I liked it....and I think it is a keeper. Next up with me basecoat the metals and paint the fur section up seeing as that will be drybrushed and the messiest section.

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