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Friday, January 20, 2012

'Scrum Week 1

I just finished up this weeks entry for the 'scrum challenge. Despite not understanding the hobby my wife woke me up from my nap and said "didn't you have something you needed to do with your little men before work" and she was right. I did the base and took a preliminary photo to send off to Goris.

The base is in need of some static grass to fill in some of the gaps in the dirt but that will wait until I do the entire lot. I am please with how he came out despite feeling rushed to get him finished. I need to take a few glamour shots of our pal here but I didn't have time to set up the backdrop and all that. Next time I set stuff up he will get a few official pics. On the table for next weeks challenge will be either: another caber, the warrior standard bearer, or 5 whelps. I know the challenge says one mini a week but one whelps seems like cheating. All of the above models have been primed, as seen in the last post, so I can start slapping color on them as soon as I get the chance.

I also need to get Madrak buttoned up and sent over to 'Gday and I would like to get more done on Les' BMMD so I have an outside shot of having him ready for Templecon. Speaking of Templecon it looks like I will be going but will have to register at the door seeing as pre-reg is closed. I don't know how many events I will be able to sneak into but if not I will just live in the Iron Area I suppose. I also got an email saying my new Battlefoam bag will be here next week so that is good news for my travel I just need to keep painting.


  1. That's a keeper wife right there! I love my wife, but her comments are more along the lines of "are you going to play with your dolls AGAIN!?" :D

  2. HA! She doen't understand it at all but she tolerates it pretty well. She is def a keeper...beside it would be WAY too expensive to trade her in at this point so she is indeed a keep :D

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