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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wednesdays Games

Cash and I got to the store right about the same time. we set up a table and got ready to roll. Cash said he wanted to play 50pt games seeing as most of the tourneys he is prepping for at Templecon are 50s. I was planning on playing 35pt but said sure. I didn't really have what I wanted to fill out either list properly (Mulg) but I brought the eMadrak up yo 50pts and hit the table. As expected Cash was playing eHaley....I hate her. We played close quarters under the new SR2012 rules but played 10min turns with one 5 min extension. The game was pretty close but he was in control most of it. I was able to surprise him on Haley's feat turn as he was unfamiliar with eMadraks feat and activated him last after I walked as much of my army into melee as possible. I feated and was able to get a bunch of attacks but missed on a large percentage of them. Madrak's army was attrition down and eventually Madrak fell himself. IT was a pretty fun game and only ran into a little but of an issue with time.

We were the only people at the store so we set up for another game. This time at 35pts so that I could use my Calandra tier list. We would be playing 7 min turns with one 3 min extension. The mission was incursion.

This time he brought out eStryker. The game was really back and forth and we both had issues with the time (me a little more I think). The flag on my right was the one that went away so much of the fighting was taking place on the hill in the center....which became a big pain in the ass. I used my extension on turn two (feat turn) and barely got through everything. This cost me the next turn as I charge Rowdy with my EBDT and should have crushed him but after my 2nd initial I ran out of time again...DOH! Again we went back and forth and he left me with little to seriously threaten Stryker. The game ended on scenario with Cash winning 3-2.

At this time some other folks had rolled into the store. I grabbed one more game before I had to hit the road this time it was against the Legion of Everblight being lead by Absylonia.

I played my Cally tier list and he played an Abby tier list. We played close quarters once again and with 7 min turns and one 3 min extension. I went first and did my typical stuff. Turn two saw the burrowers pop, Cally feat, and the dygs rip down some 'beasts. I was pretty firmly in the lead until I had a few big snafus. The first were related around time (gotta get fast), second around terror/abomination, and third was forgetting Abby's feat. I ended a turn leaving the scythean with one...yes one damage circle left. This in turn saw Abby feat and the scythean clearing a LARGE section of troops. As it stood I had the opportunity to win the game. My last turn Cally cast force blow to KD Abby and use her only remaining transfer. I then walked my last 2 dygs into position to kill her....failed the command check. If I was thinking (and I wasn') I could have just shot her at 4" away to avoid the check. She was behind a wall so def 9 but the dygs should have been able to hit her anyways.

So 0-3 on the outing so not that great but I did get some thing reinforced that I need to remember. I also realize the dygs might not be the best idea with timed turns or I just need to move way faster.

This post got a little long so I should have another post later tonight with some wips of Madrak and onther project I just started.

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