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Friday, January 27, 2012

'Scrum Week 2

Just got this weeks entry done under the wire. Here is a rough photo of my week 2 submissions.

When I was taking the shot of this guy I looked over and saw last weeks caber on the table. It was at this time I decided I am going to take a group photo of all the completed models up to and including the week I just finished. If I can make all of my deadlines I should have a nice group photo at the end.

Next week is Templecon so that will shorten my timetable for submitting my entry. I think I will do a second caber seeing as I have a finished point of reference and when all is said and done I need three painted anyways. It will be either a second caber or the piper to complete the UA.....we will see.

I also did a little work on Les' Carver, pMadrak, eBloodsong, the whelps, and some scouts I have been meaning to finish up. I hope to have a post tomorrow am before I head out to a 35pt tourney at the FLGS. I should have a finished photo of Madrak tomorrow as I need to send him off to 'Gday. Carver and Grissel should also be making an appearance and the contents of the box which arrived today.

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