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Monday, January 30, 2012

Templecon Time Crunch

Templecon is right around the corner and I have a bunch of stuff I need/would like to have finished.

All of these need to be finished to hardcore standards. As you can see Janissa and Mulg are pretty close (and have been for over a year), the KSBs are OK but the SSE is way behind, the whelps are OK, and the runeshapers are so so. If push came to shove the runeshapers can be scratched. Not pictured I need to assemble and paint a second Champion Hero, touch up Boomhowler & Co, and Gudrun. these need to be basic painting requirements not hardcore. On top of this I need to get a model painted for this weeks 'scrum challenge. I think it is going to be another caber. Stay tuned hopefully there will be multiple updates with finished models over the next 18-36 hours.

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