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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I got a text from the wife last night that she was up getting sick and that they boys were up and miserable too. I knew that meant when I got home people would be sleeping and that I would have the boys for a bit so she could grab a little extra sleep. This would make it harder for me to get up to watch the games this afternoon but also gave me a little bit of paint time.

I decided to work on my whelps. I need to get a second set finished prior to Templecon so I figured lets work on them and if someone wakes up they are to finish whatever I am working on and put them down. I am going with a few different skin tones on this set of whelps. The EBDT whelp I am trying to use trollblood base as the base color. The pyre whelp and winter troll whelp are getting the grey skin treatment I have done on my pyre, slag, and eDoomshaper, and the other two got my traditional troll skin.

I also did some work on the leathers and some metal before I was interrupted. All in all not a bad start after getting home from work. I am tempted to use them for this weeks 'scrum challenge but it feels a bit cheesy. I will see how much else I can get done this week and if I have to use the hwelps I will.

I was also able to get a little bit of spray work done in the basement but seeing as I didn't take any photos those minis will have to wait.

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