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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early AM Progress

This am I woke up a little before 4am. This isn't all that uncommon the day after my work weeks ends so now I just try to be productive during that time period while the house is quiet. This am I sat down with my iPod and Madrak. While listening to a podcast I put an hour into Maddy and an hour into assembly before one of the boys woke up.

So much for painting Maddy the "proper" way and working inside out. I layed down all my white metal. Then I went back and put in the gold metal highlights. I actually use VMC brass for all my "gold" sections. I also painted some of the scroll canisters with VMC bronze. These metals are all set for my metal wash....the only issue is I ran out so I need to find a quality substitute. I also layed down the base color of his tartan as that color was in the room with me as I was painting. This all took me ~55min. Next up will be wash the metals, basecoat the leather sections, and then work on the skin. I hope to get a little time later today but have stuff I need to get done around the house so prognosis is doubtful. I don't want to jinx myself but I am making good progress to have this months PtT to Gday before the last night, like usual.

The rest of my am was spent finishing the assembly on my Kriel Warriors for the Calandra/eGrissel theme list. I need to break out the liquid green and regular green stuff to fill some gaps but they can start hitting the table (hopefully tomorrow). At this point and time it is more likely it will be Calandra that get played seeing as I have not assembled the Long Riders and Mrs. Bloodsong hasn't received any attention either. The first picture shows the warriors minus one caber (he was already assembled/primed). The second picture is my warriors and whelps who will be hit with primer in the not to distant future. If you look in the backgrounds you can see Maddy and the 4 colors I used on him this am.

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