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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On a Roll

I woke up early again this am which is not atypical the first few days of my week off. What is atypical is that my work station was free for me to use. Well this am I was able to once again spend a little time on pMadrak. I washed the metals, glazed the yellow metals, washed the 2 different leather, attached him to the base, and put down a layer for varnish. I still need to go back and work the skin, highlight the leathers, decide what color to do Rathrok's grip, paint the gem, and work on the tartan but he is in a good place for the time being.

I have to get packed up as I am heading down to the FLGS in a half hour to get a few early games in. I will be playing a few games against Cash aka The Professional so I expect to see some sort of eHaley, eCaine, eStryker nastiness. I will be bringing my Cally tier list to try out and an alt eMaddy list I have been toying with. I will try and take a few pics and put them up later tonight or maybe tomorrow. I intend to play all games on a timer for the foreseeable future so we should be able to get a bunch of games in before I have to come back home.

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