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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I haven't had much paint time since my last post. My work week has started up again and the household has been sick. I did get a chance to sneak into the basement to get some priming done with the airbrush.

The first pic is all the unprimed minis that came down with me. The second is after priming. I decided to prime the Nyss with grey so that they are a little brighter when all done. I always prime my trolls black so I stayed with that. You can see in the photo one rock cork base and that will be for the Fennblade leader. When you put the Fennblade UA leader next to the leader from the Fennblades box he looks like the runt of the lot not the man like he should. The base will make him a little taller than plastic leader putting him in his proper place.

Now that I have all these minis primed I need to get one of them painted by midnight tomorrow or I will miss the deadline for my 'scrum painting challenge. It would be a disgrace to miss the first one so I need to get cracking. I need to grab a nap but after that I need to hit the painting table. The minis above with make up the first 4-6weeks of 'scrum challenges baring some other mini jumping the line. This should also start a new weekly post every Friday documenting my 'scrum challenge progression.

Tuesday evening I did a little more on Les' Carver. I started to put down my white metals. next with be a little clean up and yellow metal work. Once that is done a wash on the metals and things will start to pull together a bit.

Hopefully a small post tomorrow with something finished and then Madrak by Sunday??

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