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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Calandra Done...?

I was able to sneak about 45min of painting in yesterday and worked on Cally's skin a little. This morning I was able to sneak another ~30-40 min on my girl and made my first real attempt at a gem stone and tied up some loose ends.

I need to do better photos with my backdrop but I wanted to get her out there and maybe get some C+C. This was my first shot at a gem and I am not sure if I like the result or not? I think the highlight might be a little thick and have to be faded in a little more. What do you think? I am also playing with the idea of doing gems on the ends of dagger.....again I am not sure. This is why Calandra is in the done? category.

I was able to get a few more warriors assembled with only 2 more to get my full kriel warrior deathstar (10 warriors, ua, and 3 cabers) for my Calandra/Grissel tier lists (January Vox submission). I have neglected Mr Madrak while working on Calandra and really need to get back to him. Tonight is the last night of the work week so hopefully I can really make some progress on the fearless leader of the kriels.

Goals for this week (so far haven't been the best at hitting theses) are first to paint pMadrak, get the kriels primed/started, prime/start my second set of whelps, and do some work on the Boomhowlers getting them close to done. More importantly I hope to get a few games in this week.....we shall see.

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