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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec Target Hit/New Years

Looks like my last post was wrong I would get another post in prior to the New Year. I received a package in the mail today and that spurred a post. Here is a photo of my Dec PtT which consists of my Boneswarm and second Bull Snapper. The second snapper came out pretty close to the test model I put up in a RMM 2 weeks ago.

I didn't get a chance to take multiple angle shots of these fellow just the one I submitted to Gday at LH. All in all I am please with the two of them and enjoy the "speed painting" aspect I have been trying to accomplish with my Blindwater. I have done a little work on the Blackhide and was able to bang out all the skin in ~30min which, again, is really good for me.

Here are the contents of my miniature market package. I wanted to get these through mu FLGS seeing as I had a $25 store credit and to support the store but they were unable to get any of these through their distributor.

I picked up a second box of Kriel Warriors, 2 Cabers, and a second blister of Whelps. The warriors and cabers are for a Vox write up I intend to do for January based on eBloodsong. The warriors and cabers are also slotted for a Calandra Tier list I hope to have painted for Templecon (if I go) to play in the Blood, Sweat, and Tiers event. The whelps are for a list I am working on to play in Hardcore (if I go)

So that takes up the PtT part of today's post on to the New Years part. This year I have a few goal which I intend to meet. The first is to have my Trolls to fully painted status by years end. I did a little number crunching the other day and it is a bit scary. I currently own (prior to today's shipment and pending gifts) but as I stand I own 237pts and only 87pts meets hardcore standards. That's is a whooping 37%. The break down is a little more disturbing as 40% of my 'locks are done, 56% of my 'beasts, 48% of my solos, and 8% of my units.....yes that is an 8! Some of the unpainted stuff is partially painted but anyway you look at it there is a ton to get finished.

 I really need to get this done and intend to use the PtTs of 2012 to aid in this goal. Also Trollblood Scrum is setting up a weekly paint challenge to aid in fully painted status. I am not sure if I will commit to this as they want one mini painted a week and I tend to batch paint (when I paint) and I want to follow their guidelines if I were to commit. My second goal of 2012 if to not miss a PtT. This goes hand in hand with goal one but from time to time the target will not match up with my troll goals and I will still try and hit it. Goal number three is to get my Blindwater up to fully painted. This should be no where near as daunting of a task as my trolls. My final goal is to make it to one of the large conventions this year. Templecon is right around the corner but this seems to be the best bet for me.

OK so there they are down on "paper" so I have no excuse to not get them done. Have a safe and happy New Years everyone and here's is looking to fully painted 2012.

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