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Monday, December 12, 2011

Decisions Decisions: Tourney List Ideas

I didn't really have anytime to work on my Boomhowlers today but with my week off starting tomorrow/today I should be able to bang them out this week and put a done stamp on them.

Having little to no hobby time this week I have turned to one of my other pastimes list building. This Saturday Comix Zone and one of our local Press Gangers is running a modified Longest Night tourney. Our gaming group isn't much for gimmicky events and just like to play regular tourneys and bring the Spite. The event is going to be: 35 point SR2012Beta tournament, 2 lists required: Warcaster/Warlock Characters Restricted,
Divide and Conquer, 7 minute turns + one 3 minute extension.

I have not had a chance to look at the SR2012 beta sheet yet but from what I hear the scenarios have changed up a bit and there is something called reinforcements. In a 35 pt tourney I will be allowed to take an additional 7pts worth of mini to be my reinforcements. These will be able to come onto the table in scenarios that allow the reinforcement rule and are just for show in those that do not. The other major issue is character restriction across the board for SR2012 so I can only bring Janissa in one list.

Seeing as I have been working on my Borka list and really enjoyed it the last time I played it I think the "Family" will be one of my two lists. Right now I am thinking something like this but obviously there is room to change.

Borka (-5)
-EBDT (10pts)
-Mauler (9pts)
-Keg Carrier (n/a)
Boomhowlers: full unit (9pts)
KSB: min unit (3pts)
-SSE (1pt)
Champ Hero (3pts)
Champ Hero (3pts)
SSC (2pts)

Swamp Troll (4pts)
Gudrun (3pts)

After this I am really torn on what I want to do. Seeing as I didn't use my girl in the previous list (only due to theme restrictions) I have free reign to use her in my other list. I have been playing with an eMaddy/dygmies of death list, a pMaddy beast brick, a Jarl/minions list, a Jarl/faction list, and seeing as I haven't played him a little while an eDoomie list.
Right now I think I am leaning towards either the pMaddy beast brick or the Jarl/minion list (gators/nyss). I love the dygs but I just don't play eMaddy very well for some reason. The dygs work really well for me with Cally but with 7 min turns I am fearful I will be able to keep pace with a Cally infantry heavy list so she is shelved for this event. Hopefully I get a little downtime tonight at work and I can play with some lists and lock down a second 'lock for the event.

Tomorrow I will be posting my second instalment of random miniature Mondays. I am not sure which direction I am going to go. I might follow week one and go with one of my original Warmachine minis...I will have to look through my comp when I get home and see what I have pics of ready to go.

This week my goals are to finish painting the Boomhowlers and Gudrun. If I can actually get all that done my plan is to work on eBloodsong a little and seeing as my second box of long riders is in at CZ get my full unit of long riders assembled. That sounds like a tall order in one week so if I can just get the painting done I will be happy.


  1. The Boomhowlers wont benefit from Borka's feat, as they are not friendly faction models. Seems to me that spending those pts on an in-faction unit might make better use of his feat.

    If you already knew that, and didn't care about the boomhowlers using his feat, disregard this comment.

  2. The army is a theme force which was printed in NQ a couple issues ago. In using the theme both Boomhowlers and Gudrun become friendly faction. The other benefits or using the theme are useful least up to T3. Thanks for looking out for me but this is an exception where Boomhowler is faction.