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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gudrun wip

Hobby time has been a little tight so far this week. My parents came out to see the boys yesterday so I was able to sneak a little painting time while they were occupying the boys. I did a little work on the metals for Gudrun and also started basing a few other items such as the bottle and chest. I was also able to get all the shading washes down on the Boomhowler's skin and metals.


Next up for Gudrun will be highlight the browns and finish up the detail items. I still need to decide what to do with his shirt but I guess that will be the last step for him. On the Boomhowlers I need to block in the two different leathers and start highlighting the skins. I think I will go with red tartans on the Boomhowlers to distinguish them from my other trolls but like the shirt on Gudrun the tarts will be last.

With the tourney taking up my day on Saturday I am not sure if I will hit my goal of completing the Boomhowlers this week. I also need to make a base for Gudrun if I intend to use him as a reinforcement this weekend. His footprint is a little wide so I think I will do a cork base which will allow me to have some spill over on the base.

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