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Friday, December 2, 2011


I haven't had much time to put paint to mini since before the tourney Wednesday but I have done a little. I have done a little more on Gudrun. I am running really low on my metal wash mix and I have had a terrible time trying to reproduce it so on Gudrun's chainmail I am trying an alternative technique to see if I can change all my metal that way.

In the background you can see the min unit of Boomhowlers with some of the metal sprayed in via the airbrush. Other than the metal work above and the airbrush work no other painting has been done.

I was able to put to get the last four Boomhowler for my "family reunion" theme and December vox submission for lost hemisphere. I sent in a first write up to Gdaybloke late yesterday so I missed today's vox update but hopefully I can get a few more minis painted before the next update and he can add some more pics. I am not sure if you can tell from the photo but I did a few head swaps using bits from the kriel warrior box. I will need to do a little green stuff work to fill in some neck gaps but I am pleased with the outcome and added variety to the grunts. I also assembled our newest Trollkin 'lock. My hopes is that after putting up the Christmas tree today I can get some priming done on the five minis above. I also want to start cleaning my 1st box of long riders for miss Bloodsong's theme which I hope to have fully painted for a January vox submission.

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