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Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Miniature Monday

Here we are Monday again so going to put up another mini. Driving home from work this am I was trying to decide which direction to go with today's pics so I think I might go ahead and do two. The first will follow in the footsteps of last week and be one of my original Warmachine minis the second will be something a little newer.

Here is a Kodiak I picked up not too long after the battlegroup seen last week. This model was pretty old too as he also had the old black and white MkI card. I was taken by the 5th Border Legion scheme and decided to give that a go. I also painted up an Irusk to match but I have subsequently stripped him and he is lying in pieces in a drawer somewhere. At the time my intention was to have 'jacks for each 'caster. Black/red, like week one, were going to be used with Sorscha and Vlad and 5th Border green was going to be Irusk. At the time I was not too interested in the Butcher so I had no intention of painting him. That has changed as I now love the Butcher and have one in 5th Border Legion colors 90% finished who will show up here at some point. That that is mini one for this week. If I had planned this better I would have posted one of my newer 5th minis for comparison but obviously I didn't.

Mini number two today is Mr Grim Angus. This is the first Trollblood warlock I fully painted. this mini was painted in 2010 for an escalation league our Press Ganger was running. The league was designed to get 50pts painted over a 6 week period and was run by our then Press Ganger PG_theblklotus (sadly has moved away). The main intent was to just get stuff finished as he didn't like unpainted armies being beaten down by his fully painted armies :) I attempted to do the classic albino sorcerer troll skin here. It came out OK but I have wanted to go back and touch it up a bit and never have. So there is this weeks RMM

I am going to go grab a quick nap but hope to sneak a little time later in the day to work on Boomhowler and Gudrun. Hopefully I will have some more wip to show tomorrow.

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