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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Faction Attention Deficit Disorder (FADD)

Well my random miniature Monday this week triggered my FADD as I am interested in my gators and not my trolls at the moment. I took a few minis down into the basement yesterday and blocked in some color with the airbrush. I think I am in love with the airbrush. I was able to basecoat a Blackhide, Bull Snapper and two gatorman grunts in less than 30 min which for me would be unheard of with a traditional brush.  Here are the results.

I need to improve my light setup in the basement where I spray 'cause I have a hard time seeing exactly what I am shooting at times. this is evident by some over spray I had. This should be easily correctable however with some quick brush work.

I also spent about 30-60 min working on my Boneswarm. I got this mini about a month ago from a store that had some old IKRPG minis still kicking around. I was able to grab this bad boy for $9.99 which is a steal compared to the MRSP of the repackaged Boneswarm.  I  almost feels like cheating painting this guy up as it went so quickly. I did a wash, few layers of drybrushing , light wash, drybrush, and spot wash and boom pretty much done. Working on may gators as a "speed painted" army is a little liberating as I get quick results and finished minis. I am just working on the base now and will call him finished. I might end up submitting him for this months Paint the Target over on Lost hemisphere. I was going to submitted the Boomhowlers but I do not think I will have them done in time.

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