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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Blues

This week has been horrific at work so what little hobby time I normally have has been taken up by sleep or just a zombie like state. I was able to grab about 20 min last evening prior to going to work and about 45 min this am after getting home from work (with the help of a Toy Story DVD, markers, and some paper to distract one of the boys).

This time allowed me to block in the blue skin on my Boomhowler unit for the Borka NQ theme force. The more I work on this unit the more I realize how little I enjoy painting full units especially medium base units. I am always happy when they are done but damn the journey seems like it takes forever. Here are some wips of Greygore and pals

Here is a group shot with a couple other wips in the background.

These are a couple close ups on the grunts with head swaps. The head swaps can bee seen easier now that the blue is down. I like the added variety these small changes add to the unit.

This a shot of Greygore and the "standard" grunts from the unit.

There has not been a ton of progress but every little bit adds up. Next up I need to clean up some of the metal sections and add some more decorative metal color. This shouldn't take too long and after that the skin and metal will get the wash treatment. Once the washes go down it should really push the guys much further to the done side of things (but still a ling way to go). I think I will submit this unit for my December PtT over at Lost Hemisphere. I still hope to get eBloodsong done this month so we will see what ends up being my final submission.

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