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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas: New Toys and Minimal Progress

First and foremost merry Christmas. I was able to sneak out of work 30min early this morning and I rushed home to do Christmas with the boys......and too my amazement they were still asleep. So I paced around for a while and finally nearly 90min later there was stirring from upstairs. This year the wife and I decided to keep our gifts to a minimum and focus on the boys. That is not to say I didn't get anything.... I did buy them for myself however :)

I have been intrigued by this pair for some time and have thought about playing them with Grim. I figure a 10 inch spray against models at -3 def on Grim's feat could be fun (for me). When one of our FLGS was having a sale on selected minis and this bad boy was on the list at 40% off I couldn't resist.

Here is another item I picked up at the end of the year sale. This bad boy was 65% off. I plan on using these parts when I get to the terrain pieces I have been cooking up in my brain. The terrain work will have to wait for a while but at 65% off I could resist picking this up to have on hand.

I finally got to open my box of Super Dungeon Explore. I have to say the Soda Pop Miniature guys put out a nice looking product. I have been looking forward to this since I saw my first preview picture from Gencon 2010 coverage online.

The manual is beautiful and full of great artwork. I cannot speak for the writing as of yet 'cause I just looked at the pictures. The map on the first page leaves open nice expansion sets/ideas for them. I am pretty sure the previews for the first expansion are out there and it is going the baddies are going to be turtlemen reminiscent of those in Super Mario Bros. 

Tons of pop out counters

Gaming boards.

When I got to my last board I saw made me chuckle.

Yikes look at all those plastic parts. They have a solid spot on the back burner.

With work and the holiday I haven't been able to work on much. My Boomhowlers haven't been touch and it is safe to say there is no way they will be done in 3 days for the Dec Paint the Target. So in an effort to not miss a target I am going to submit the Boneswarm and hopefully a Bull Snapper. I have done a little work on Bull Snapper 2. If I am going to get the Bull Snapper to Gday he will need to be finished tonight/early tomorrow before we head to my folks to celebrate Christmas.

Oh I almost forgot the wife also bought me (us) a new camera so I will have to try it out and if it does a better job photoing my minis.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. Hopefully Santa brought y'all what you wanted. 

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