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Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost Done

The Sons of Bragg are nearly finished requiring maybe an hour to pollish off the finishing work. Here they are the brothers as they currrently stand:

All three brothers Bragg nearly ready to fight the foes of the Kriels. I need to highlight the green tartan sections on all three brothers. All three brothers also need to have thier eyes blackend in.
Wrathar needs the most work to be considered done. I need to paint the flame sections on his torch still. I forgot to paint the wood on his torches when I was doing the keg so I have to do that section as well. Wrathar also has a rope necklace needing attention.
The individual thing Tor needs to have done is the wrapping on his sword. I am thinking red.

Rhudd needs to have his rope necklace painted and some clean up work as well.

While I was working on highlighting the skin for the Sons of Bragg I also worked on the skin for the champion grunt I started for week 20 of the 'scrum challenge before I realized the challenge was over. Oh by the way I didn't win the battle engine :( Thats ok I have the one Dave bought me and Rob assembled. If I won I was going to use it for the FADD army so it is ok I didn't win. Here is grunt number three. When I do the green on the sons I will also do the green on this grunt. After that he needs his hair and chin nubs painted and he will be done too.

I have to head into work tonight for a little four hours shift but hope to get back to the cave this evening to finish these guys up before I head out for that concert tomorrow. Hopefully I will have final pics to show off in the am.

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