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Friday, June 8, 2012

Gaming Withdrawl

It seems like it has been forever since I have been able to get any games in. I tell ya work really gets in the way of hobby/game time. Since as I haven't been able to put any minis on the table I have been brainstorming lists to play next time I do get to the store to play. Fingers crossed I will be able to make it out next

Wednesday for the last week of our "Wednesday Nite Fights" which were/are 25pt SR2012 tourneys. Seeing as I have been painting up the Sons of Bragg and Rok I have been trying to work them into lists to play next Wednesday. I am having a hard time getting the SoB to fit into a 25pt list but I sure as hell have been trying to shoehorn them into one. Here are some of the lists I have been playing with in my head:

Jarl (-6pts)
*Pyre Troll (5pts)
*Impaler (5pts)
*Runebearer (2pts)
Sons of Bragg (6pts)
Gatorman Posse: full (9pts)
Janissa (3pts)
Swamp Gobbers (1pt)

This list concerns me a little with the lack of a heavy but looks like it could still be fun. The SoB should be able to advance up field at DEF 17 with weald secrets and the gobber cloud or Def 19 behind Janissa's wall.

Gunnbjorn (-5pts)
*Rok (11pts)
*Bomber (10pts)
*Impaler (5pts)
Alten (2pts)
Whelps (2pts)

I have been wanting to play Gunnbjorn for sometime now and doubly so Gunnborn/Rok. I am not sure how good this list will be but it has a ton of minis I just like. I need to get Gunny table ready if I plan to play this as he has kinda been pushed aside on the painting table by the new EBDT, Rok, and the SoB.

Grim (-6)
*EBDT (10pts)
*EBDT (10pts)
*Axer (6pts)
*Impaler (5pts)

This is a list I have been wanting to toy with (more at the 35pt lvl where I add Nyss hunters) for some time time. When I got the second EBDT back from Rob this became a possibility.

eMadrak (-5pts)                                   
*Axer (6pts)                                         
*Pyre (5pts)                                         
Fennblades: full (8pts)
*Fennblade UA (2pts)
Dygs: full (6pts)
Fell Caller (3pts)

I am also thinking about swapping the 10pts of Fennblades for a max unit of Kriel Warriors with UA and two Cabers so I can put a caber next to Maddy and use the take up grim salvation trick to help deliver the man. Also flaming fists on cabers is just fun.

Borka (-5pts)
*Mulg (12pts)
*EBDT (10pts)
*Keg Carrier (n/a)
KSB: min (3pts)
Janissa (3pts)
Whelps (2pts)

This list feels little goofy to me but fun. I don't have that much infantry clearing here but some serious single target damage potential. This with an extremely hard to kill Borka under the KSB aura, behind Janissa's wall, with an EBDT animus, stumbling drunk, iron flesh, and Mulg's protective fit just for fun....lets see where that puts Borka: DEF 21/ARM 21 to ranged and DEF 19/ARM 23 to melee over the wall.

I have a bunch of other lists bouncing around in my dome but this is getting long so lets cut it short here. What do you guys think? Any of these look particularly good/fun or do any of you troll players have a 25pt list you really like?

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