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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Late Night Action in the Cave

Last night after the Yankee game ended and the boys fell asleep I grabbed my iPod and headed down to the cave to try and make up for some lost time. I put on a little Goldfinger and started to work. I put in a good chunk of time working between the Sons of Bragg, Rok, the last champion grunt, and a few other odds and ends. Here is were everything stands as of this am:

 Group shot




All the brothers had some work done on their skins, leathers, and tartan sections. Tor and Wrathar had their kegs painted and washed. As you can see I finally attached them to their actual bases in preparation for finishing touches. They all need more highlights on their skin as well as highlights on the green tartan sections. After those two things are done it will be down to finishing touches and doing the bases.

I brought the hands back up to match the rest of the body. I also basecoated and washed the darker leather sections (I missed one and will have to go back later). I also did a little work on the axe handle. I'd like to do another layer or two of highlights but looking at the beasts I have finished already his skin matches them better now so I might just call it here. Next up will be teeth, nails, and skulls.

 With the left over blue on the palette I started to basecoat some of the long rider's skin

Lastly I broke out the airbrush and primed my second unit of runshapers and two minis for the FADD army.

My night ended with me climbing into bed around 4am. I know I am going to regret this (already am a little) but I am happy with the progression. I didn't paint the entire time as I watched a couple episodes of Dexter season  off on demand while washes were drying and such. I'd like to get both Rok and the SoB finished tomorrow. This months target for PtT is a warbeast/warjack and submissions are due to Gday my midnight tomorrow. I'd also like to get the SoB finished up grab a couple glamour shots and send those photos off as well. We will see how much I can get done during the day today but I think I should be able to get it done......time will tell.

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