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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On the Assembly Line

I was able to get a little time last night to start cleaning and assembling the Sons of Bragg. I took some time this am when I go home to finish the rough assembly. I need to give them a little wash with soap and water and then fill in some of the bigger gaps with some GW liquid green stuff. I also need to tape off the slot in the bases.
I have to say I was pretty impressed with the blister Diesel brought back for me as it didn't have any seriously bad mold line. The only issue was some of the small mold line did run through the ornate detail on the shoulders so it was a but of a pain to get to but all in all not a bad unit to assemble. The minis feel a little off as the legs seem to be a little small for the body but not a big deal.

Family shot


I also started putting some of the metal base down on Rok before I crashed. Upon further review I might bale to get away without using the green stuff but I will see if I can make some of the seems better with just a file. If time allows I hope to do the gap filling (if needed)/bases before I head out to work tonight but time will tell.

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