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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Working nine nights in a row really kicked my ass and left me will little time, energy, or motivation to work on my trolls. Yesterday was my first day off and I didn't do anything other than stumble around the house like a zombie and sleep. This morning I decided to get back in there and work on Rok, Mouth, and one of the SoB brothers. Here is where Rok currently stands:

As you can see the big man has been attached to the cork base I made him. At this point I can at least get Rok on the table which is a good thing seeing as I plan on trying him out tomorrow night for the WNF at Comix Zone. I also did the light leather loincloth by basing it with rucksack tan than giving it a wash with gryphonne sepia. I still have a lot more to do on this gentleman but he is in a OK place for now and ready to apply axe to face in the near future.

I also basecoated Mouth's loincloth with rucksack but haven't done his shade wash.

I took a little time to work on some of the metal trim on Rhudd. Some of this was done the other day when I was working on Wrathar. I still have a bunch of trim and filigree to paint as there is just so much of it on these minis. Obviously I also put a first coat of blue down on his skin. Over the next two days I would like to get the trim done on all of the brothers, base coat all of their skin and get the shad wash down. I hope to get them on the table either for the WNF or at the very least for the 50pt SR2012 we have this weekend.

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