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Monday, June 4, 2012

Fired Up About the Sons of Bragg

I mentioned in a previous post that one of our crew was at LnL and scored a Sons of Bragg blister for me and he is flying back into town later this evening. When he told me he had the blister list ideas started running through my head. This was further exacerbated after a couple text messages with Northblade Bell of Lost Hemisphere fame. I have three lists running through my head:

The first list and the one I think I am going to run first is with Jarl. I have played Jarl a fair amount of time and really like him. I find him to be a little bit of a problem late game but love the spell list and surprising speed you can obtain with a troll force.

Jarl Skuld, Devil Of Thornwood (*6pts)
* Troll Impaler (5pts)
* Dire Troll Bomber (10pts)
* Trollkin Runebearer (2pts)
Sons of Bragg (6pts)
Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer (2pts)
Fell Caller Hero (3pts)
Janissa Stonetide (3pts)
Stone Scribe Chronicler (2pts)
I really think this list will play nicely and surprise people with how fast the fennblades and Sons get on top of their force. Mixing in a couple magic bullets to take out support and the fun blasts of a bomber and I am hoping for good times.

The second list is with another of our troll outlaws Mr Grim Angus himself:

Grim Angus (*6pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Troll Impaler (5pts)
* Rok (11pts)
Pyg Burrowers (Leader and 9 Grunts) (6pts)
Sons of Bragg (6pts)
Fell Caller Hero (3pts)
Saxon Orrik (2pts)
Stone Scribe Chronicler (2pts)
This list goes along nicely with the fact that I am currently painting Rok and want to have him done within the week. I have converted Saxon (as any popper trollblood player should) so that he is standing on a rock outcropping and not a decapitated brother. I am not sure how this list will play but I am excited to get some new minis on the table and I always love to play dygs.
The third and final list I look forward to playing I will share at a later time. I will discuss that list after I post What's in the Box part three which should be around the corner once I send out my end of the bargain. I should have some wip photos this evening as I intend to do a little painting when I get home. Work ends in two hours but who is counting.


  1. I'm with you, man. Loving their look, loving their rules. The LnL teasers have given me no end of envy!

    1. My blister is mid-flight right now. I hope to have them in hand Wednesday am and wips by Friday.