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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Productive AM

This am I headed down to the cave with iPod in hand and the hopes of getting some more work done on the Sons of Bragg. I was actually able to accomplish more than I planned. I took some time to finish doing the trim work on Tor and noticed that I forgot to paint one of his arms blue. I put some trollblood blue on the palette and rectified that oversight. Seeing as I had some blue left over I did a little more highlighting on Rok as well. One I ran out of blue on the palette it was back to the SoB. I gave the three brothers a look over to make sure I was happy with the current state and that I didn't make any other significant oversights. Once I was happy with them I broke out the shade wash and slopped it all over the armor and skin on the SoB. Here is how the brothers look currently:

Big brother Wrathar has a big ass sword for ya

Tor must be the lady's man kickin out the jams with his fell call and pimp rings.

Little brother Rhudd seems to like the hard stuff as his beverage of choice seeing as no keg for him just an animal skin flask.

I am not sure what I will do next on the SoB. I think I might throw a layer of matte varnish on as a "save point" before I proceed. I think I will do the green tartans next but will have to see if one of the leathers might be a better next step. Here is the current state of my Rok our drunken dire troll. Rok's hands are the only part that need the first highlight step still. Like the SoB Rok is due for a "save point" as well.

Lastly this am I did a little work on the custom rock wall for Gunnbjorn or pDoomie theme force. I did my standard three step grey drybrushing and glued down some "dirt". I also did a up a base for Mrs. Bloodsong who I hope to get on the table in the not too distant future but more on that this weekend or early next week.

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