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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lovin' the Airbrush

In the the What's in the box III post I mentioned that I have a bunch of wip to show and here they are. These wip span about 4 different days as you can see from the time stamps. I used the airbrush to prime all these mini and to start laying down the basecoats as well. First mini for show and tell will be the war wagon. I was attempting to get this bad boy ready to play in a Borka family reunion list for the ACM but wasn't able to get far enough along in the 24 hours I had.

All of the components were primed black and then base coated with Vallejo Model Air (VMA) steel.

I then broke out the Vallejo Model color brass and started to paint all the trim on the wagon. It isn't all finished but I got a pretty good start on the trim. I am not sure what will be the best way to lay down my shade wash when the time comes. I have seen some online videos where people use the airbrush to apply their wash but for some reason this scares me.

 Next up we have Horthol and the boys. Once again all the minis were primed black. As you can see the riders were left separate from the bison since I intended to spray the two section with different colors and this would help eliminated over spray.

The bison for the long riders were basecoated with a coat of thinned down P3 beast hide. I then mixed up some P3 battlefield brown and basecoated the fur sections.

After the browns were applied I took out the large drybrush and drybrushed the fur in a four color progression from P3 bootstrap leather, beast hide, jack bone, Menoth white base. Here on out the bison will be painted with the brush and my standard layering but I think this is a pretty good start.

Horthol's bison, dismounted Horthol, and all the riders were basecoated with VMA steel. I have to work on my ratios with the steel as it gunks up my airbrush more than any other color.

Lastly I basecoated the blizter. He was sprayed with my standard trollblood skin mix.

Not a bad start with 34pts of models getting started in a three/four day span. The blizter will be the last of the lot to get finished but once I finish the Sons of Bragg I really want to try and push out the war wagon, long riders and Horthol for an eBloodsong list I have been dying to try.

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