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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

This am after getting the garbage out I descended into the cave with iPod in hand to bang out some painting. I put on a play list and finished the gold trim on Wrathar and Rhudd and then started it on Tor before the amount I put on my palette was gone. I then put a couple drops of my trollblood skin blue mix on the wet palette and started some skins. I did the first highlight on champion grunt number two who was suppose to be 'scrum mini week 20 before I realized there was no week 20.

He is pretty close to being finished. I need to do a few more highlights on the skin, put a shade wash down on the two leathers, highlight those leathers, highlight the tartan, and then detail work such as teeth/nails and hair.

I also took some time to block in all the skin on the brothers Bragg so that once I finish the trim work on Tor they will all be ready for their shade wash.

At this time I was about to call it a morning and head up to see if either of the boys were awake and tormenting my wife but I still had a little blue left on the palette. I didn't want to let it go to waste (seeing as this ix is almost gone) so I started highlighting the flesh on Mr Rok.

I was able to do the face, upper arms, and lats before the palette went dry. All in all a pretty good start on highlighting the skin. I also worked on his beard last evening and consider that part of him done. It is a little washed out in the photos but I am happy with how it came out. I based it P3 trollblood highlight, washed it with bastion grey, then highlighted individual strands with troolblood highlight, menoth white base, and menoth white highlight. I will go back and paint the skulls when I get to doing the detail step on Rok. It was a pretty successful morning in the cave. Looks doubtful I will get more painting done seeing as I am heading to the FLGS tonight for the WNF 25pt tourney...still need to pick lists...hmmmmmm.

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