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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Team Spite Sends a Ninja to Lock n Load: Epic Grim Greens/SoBs

So one of our crew made the trek from Syracuse to Seatle to hit up Lock n Load and I have to say I am more than a bit jealous. DieselDM has been doing a phenomenal job send us photos of all the new hotness out at LnL. First off he got a couple photos of the greens for Epic Grim being sculpted by Brian Dugas. I am thrilled Brian is sculpting this guy as I truly loved his Butcher re-scuplt and Captain Gunnbjorn he did previously. OK enough talk....on to the pictures:

Grim concept art. Like the look and feel of this guy.

Current greens for Grim. Looks like he is coming together nicely. Obviously his arms need to be finished, the gun needs to be added, and his hat needs sculpting but pretty damn sweet looking.

Buddy number one. This guys is AWESOME looking. Even though he isn't finished this might be my new favorite mini in the PP line. I hope he has a modified slug gun. Here comes the BOOM!

Buddy number two beginning phases.

Diesel also grabbed a photo of the studio sons of Bragg. I have had mixed feelings on the rules for these guys since the release of Domination but always intended to pick them up. The legs look a little small and they look a little out of proportion but will have to see how they look in person.....which I will be able to do sooner rather than later 'cause Diesel was able to ninja a blister for me....WOOT!

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