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Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh What's in the Box?!? Part III

This post is a few days late but there was a reason. Package number three from Jersey was all basic assembly jobs but ones I have been dying to get on the table for some time. The delivery confirmation and tracking said I would have it with my Friday mail delivery (~1500) but I was hoping to get one of the items on the table for Saturday's ACM tourney so that wasn't going to do. I headed to the post office right when the lobby opened to see if I could get the package prior to it getting put on the truck. Low and behold I was able to grab it and get my new shinnies six hours early so could head into the cave to paint...but I am getting ahead of myself. Lets see what was in the box.

 The anticipation of opening is always so much fun. Like Christmas morning all over again.
 Lets go right to the big present shall we. BOOM! A war wagon

 What's that sound? Is it thunder in the distance? Fifth Street rolling into the FLGS? No! That my friends is the sound of Horthol and a Long Riders coming to get some.

Last but not least is a classic blizter to round out my stable of trollblood heavies. He was the last I didn't own and has a slot waiting for him in a Gunnbjorn list.

All of these new toys have already begun the painting process and some of them are nicely along. I was not able to get the war wagon far enough along Friday to be played on Saturday but he will be rolling into Comix Zone in the not too distant future to see some action. All these toys have distracted me a little from the Sons of Bragg but they too have seen some more work. I will have wip photos of the SoB and all the new whats in the box minis in my next post. tonight starts a work week for me so my painting time will be at a minimum but the SoB are the number one priority for the week. If I can get through them probably the wagon and long riders are next. Exciting reinforcements for the Kriels!!

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