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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cave Update

Hey all. There has been relatively no activity in the cave so far this week. I took a little time working at a pseudo-display board to try out a few things. I also did a little airbrush work on my second unit of runeshappers. I am painting this unit to be a kinda personal unit for Doomshpaer. The armor will more closely match the armor I painted on my eDoomie and when I get around to pDoomie. I will also be passing up the standard green tartan and go with a blue like I painted on Doomshpaer.....have I ever post a pic of my eDoomie? Hmmm if I haven't I should get on that. I also did a little more work on my war wagon but no photos.

Speaking of airbrushes I seem to have a problem with mine all of a sudden. I reassembled it tonight after my last cleaning and there seems to be an air leak somewhere inside the gun as air is now coming up out of the cup as well as out of the tip. Also when I put the needle back it just kept going so I am afraid a washer or something internal is messed up and I am SOL. I really hope I don't need to buy a new gun.

On a positive side note I had an article published on Lost Hemisphere. I did a write up on the Sons of Bragg and submitted it to the guys the same day I submitted Rok for the PtT. If you haven't seen it check it out here if my link is broken just head over to Lost Hemisphere and check out the post from the 4th. I will post larger finsihed photos of the Sons when I get a chance.

I won't be getting any painting done over the next few days as I have to head out of town for a wedding and then the wife and I are getting away for a few days to celebrate the anniversary. After I get back from that I hope to get a few solid days of painting in prior to getting back to work. Hopefully my next post will have some quality wips (or even finished minis) to show off. Have a great weekend y'all.

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