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Monday, July 30, 2012

eBaldur WiPs

I took about a half hour this afternoon to do a little work on eBaldur. I put in the two different basecoats for the leathers (P3 bloodtracker and bootstrap). The leathers and skirt sections are both ready for their shading washes. I also painted the loincloth section in my standard green.

I start my work week again tonight so I am not sure how much more I will get done on the big guy. I start my PoM challenge on Wednesday so if I don't get a solid push on Baldur he might be sitting in a partially painted state until September.

While I was out and about this afternoon I hit up one of the FLGS and picked up two more blisters (I really have an issue). I am not sure if you can make it out but I grabber Madelyn Corbeau and Orin Midwinter.

These are going to be the last mini I buy for a while as I really need to get through what I have and stop adding to the pile. OK off for a nap prior to work. Hope to have a nearly finished Baldur photo tomorrow.


  1. Baldur looks nice. The contrast between the dark cloth and the leather is great. I wish I had thought of that!

    1. Thanks I appreciate the input. I was a little unsure about the dark and leather combo it until I started putting on the mini then really liked it.