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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AM Update

So here is Tartarus after his wash dried overnight. I also started to do a little bit of the detail work but was interrupted when the boys woke up and haven't gotten a chance to paint anymore. I have softball tonight so it is looking doubtful I will get back to Tartarus today. I am contemplating putting another thin wash on the yellow metal sections to age them a little more before I give them the sepia wash but I am still up in the air on that.

I got a little distracted this am. After doing a little on Tartarus I put on an episode of The Crab Feast and worked on the FADD army a little. I assembled the last three minis to complete the 35pt list and primed up the last batch. I am getting excited about this project but need to get through Tar Tar first. When I get back to him I need to do the dead flesh sections, teeth, axe handle, and finish up the base. If I get lucky I will get some time later if not gonna have to be productive tomorrow.

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