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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trying to Break the Funk

The cave has been pretty silent the month of July. I have had little motivation to get down there and bang stuff out. I have been in a bit of a funk and I am not really sure why. It might be a combination of things but hoping to get back on track over this weekend. I got another package from Rob yesterday and that is starting to get me going again. I do need to replace my airbrush as I appear to have broken mine. I drove around trying to get a replacement yesterday but struck out. The local art store should have what I am looking for in stock next Wednesday so that looks like the earliest I can get one.

Looks like I will be heading out to the FLGS today and getting a few games in so that should help get me back on track as well. I am not sure which store I will go to play. One of the stores is supposedly trying to do a Colossal release event but most of our crew doesn't seem to be too interested in heading there. If I go to that event I think I will pack up my Khador and try and grab that coin seeing as I have the Khador one from Wrath. If I just head to Comix zone it will be the trolls.

OK off to get the day rolling. Hopefully gaming today will help get me fired up and I will some some new wips by the end of the weekend.

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