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Monday, July 23, 2012

July Target Started

When I got home from work the only comment I received was from my boy Les saying he would like to see Bane Lord Tartarus so I headed into the cave while people were still asleep and got a start. this is where he currently stands. I wanted to get a little further but I am stating to fall asleep and need to grab a nap. I intend to put a big push on him tonight.

So here I airbrushed the metal sections in silver then gold (actually steel and brass if you read the bottles). I like to put my yellow metals over white metals as even if the yellow metals doesn't cover perfectly white metal showing through looks natural where as black spots don't. I have also blackened his "skirt" section but neglected to take a photo before heading upstairs. He is going to be a "speed painted" model so I intend to mostly use drybrushing and washes to pull him off. When I get up I need to paint the white metal sections back in by hand then lay down my metal wash. OK off to bed for a little nap and should have some updates later.


  1. What do you thin the metals with in the airbrush?

    I read that you shouldn't use water (what I use for my paint).

    1. Hey Volt. I use 70% isopropyl alcohol usually but I just picked up a bottle of thinner the other day and tried it out for Tartar. I use a little water however when I paint old school with a brush. I put a picture of the thinner and alcohol for you in the next post so you can see it.

    2. Thanks! I should pick up some airbrush thinner. You may answer this in the next post but you think it makes a difference over thinning with water? For colors.

    3. I haven't used the thinner on colors yet so cannot speak for that. I have the alcohol in a spare dropper bottle and thin my colors with that when applying with the airbrush. Everything I read before I started and talking with a local who airbrushes said to use thinner, alcohol, or this windex mixture. I just went with the alcohol seeing as I had it in the house and it worked well. I thinned the blues basecoat for Rok, EBDT and Blitzer that way if you look at those minis.