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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Need to Pick a Target Mini....Fast

July is nearly over and I haven't started a model for this month's PtT over at Lost Hemisphere. As evident by my lack of wips July has been a really slow month in the cave. One of my goals for 2012 was to hit every target which failed miserably by March but I don't even think I have hit back to back targets yet which is sad.

This month's challenge is to paint a model with reach. This should be easy enough right? Well all of the minis in my troll army that have reach are either partially painted or full painted so I cannot use them. My FADD army has some reach minis but I don't want to paint any of those until I officially start the army (coming to the cave soon). What to do what to do? I started looking at some of the other random minis I have in an unassembled/unpainted form and nothing caught my fancy.

I was about to throw in the towel when a mini jumped into my head. That mini was Orin Midwinter. I have loved the Orin sculpt by Edgar Ramos since I first saw the preview in NQ. I bought the blister when it came out and had him 95% when I dropped him one day and snapped off his staff. I was so pissed I threw him out and never attempted to fix him. I grabbed the copy of my Merc book to make sure he does in fact have reach and he does. Even though it is a work week I am going to call both of the FLGSs in my area to see if one of them has a blister and head out to grab one today. If I can get my hands on one I need to get it assembled and painted by 7/27 to accomplish my goal. Fingers crossed one of them has a blister otherwise I might be SOL for this month. Hopefully tonight I have a picture of an assembled and primed Orin for y'all.


  1. I got mine done. a Min Unit of Steelhead Cav, I just get on to LH... will work on it today!!

    1. nice so you hit your first target can't wait to see it.