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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Target Hit

After picking a model only a few days ago I was able to bang him out in near record time (for me). Here is the finished Tartarus.

There are a few things that could stand to be touched up but I am trying to not be as OCD and I am gonna call him done. Doing the few sections of purple helped me visualize some changes to previous Cryx pieces I started. Tartarus has got me thinking about working on my Cryx again but that will have to wait as I have the big FADD challenge/project looming. Speaking about the challenge it looks as if I am going to have two of my locals joining in and attempting to paint 35pt lists in the month with me. Those two individuals are Oxyguy (my most common commenter) and PG_Eviscerae (some of you might know his Operation Desert Skorne). They have not told me what they are painting yet just that they want to take part so that is cool. Seeing as I have three people in now I might have to come up with a prize for those that finish in time.

Yesterday was a cool day in that even though I didn't get to play I stopped by the FLGS. One of our old PGs recently moved to Atlanta and was back in town for a few days so he was at the store. It was nice just to say hi to PG_Mozz again (seeing as he played a major part in me loving this game soooo much) and watching him and Zack (Z1G1) play a hilarious game (both using Zack's minis). Anyways its was nice to see Mozz in town and next time will be at Templecon 2013. While I was out I also sent my store credit and picked up more for my FADD army and this guy.

I have wanted to pick him up for some time now and finally have. I hope to prime him later today and work on him little by little over the next month.


  1. Wowza, BLT looks AMAZING!!

    I still hate him and his ilk though...

    1. Thanks and I full understand the hatred for the Banes. I feel the exact same way when I play against them....but love them when I play them :)