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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just What the Doctor Ordered

So as I mentioned in my previous post I have been in a bit of a funk lately. We yesterday was one hell of a day and seems to have gotten me back on track. Yesterday one of our FLGS, Play the Game Read the Story(PTG), held a Colossal release event. Based on response on our local forums it looked doubtful the event would happen. Even though I didn't think we would play I decided to pack up the Khador and head down to the store. While I was packing up I took a little time fiddling with my airbrush and low and behold I figured out the issue with it and now it is fully functional.

When I got to PTG I noticed we had at least three of our regulars and also a new guy joining the ranks. I got on the phone and got Scudo to join us getting us up to six player. PTG was offering really nice prize support and provided pizza for use. Our group doesn't typically enjoy free play style events but it really was a good time. The sanctuary scenario was a fun one and I think I might build a sanctuary at some point so I can play it again some time. We had Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, Retribution, Circle, and Skorne represented.

One player had a colossal on the table and that was Abe playing the Stormwall. Everyone was trying to get free for all games in for the extra point so I played two one on one game before I got a four vs four with Scudo, Abe, and Ty. This game was pretty bananas and took forever. There was no strategy in the game as it turned into a big game of "oh no you didn't your gonna get yours now". Multiple times during the game people reversed field just to try and stick it to someone that attacked them the turn before. My pVlad was the first 'caster to bite the dust but my units and Rorsch/Brine fought on for the Motherland. By my calculations if Abe won the game I would finish first for the day taking $100 in store credit and the champion coin. Well when the dust cleared Abe did win but stunk an extra point (damn you Scudo)in before the win and Dave let eBaldur die to wurm counters which snuck him an extra point causing a three was tie for first between myself, Abe,and Scudo. We were already in the store an hour and a half past closing so we decided to pool 1st and 2nd place prize money an split it three way. I won the roll off for the champion coin but gave it to Scudo (playing circle so no coin) and took the Khador one to match the one I got from Wrath. The new guy won the door prize which was a copy of Colossals.

When I got home and helped get the boys to bed I headed to the cave and primed some minis for my FADD army. Yesterday was a really fun day and just what the doctor ordered.

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