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Friday, July 27, 2012

All Over the Place

This am I got up and headed to the cave while the rest of the house was still sleeping. I stated off with some assembly for the FADD army. The minis I put together this am aren't part of the challenge list but additional parts of the faction. After that I took five minis for the FADD army, eBaldur, and Rhupert and primed them with the airbrush.

The other day I asked for input on who I should paint for my PtT mini. Black Beard Freelance said he would like to see eBaldur but I had already started Tartarus. After BBF brought up eBaldur I have been thinking about him a bunch so decided to get him rolling. I let the primer sit for a little then headed back downstairs to put about an hour into the Stonesoul.

 Dry brushed all the stone sections.

 Painted the lower skirt dark grey, basecoated the face, and put all the white metal base sections in (forgot the sword hilt)

Painted all the white metal sections with thinned down yellow metal. This has now been washed but once I put the wash down I don't touch the mini until it is fully dried.

All in all a pretty solid start to eBaldur I would say. My circle army is a "speed painted" faction for me so I am trying to bang him out in a timely manner. The rest of my day is pretty full and so is the weekend with the little guy having his 3rd birthday party (where does time go?). I don't expect to paint much if at all over the next weekend but I have a post scheduled for tomorrow am to finally let you in on the faction being painted for the FADD army. Have a great weekend all and hope to finish up this guy before August first and my painting time is consumed with FADD.


  1. Great Start!
    Reminds me I have to paint up my eBaldur now. Especially since I just finished assembling my Planetarium, as the wife calls the Fulcrum.

    1. Thanks I am realty enjoying him right now. I have really wanted to paint a fulcrum but can't get myself to buy one. I tried to win one in a raffle but no luck. I might have to get the Woldwrath to go with Baldur.