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Monday, July 23, 2012


So here is Tartarus at last photo break. I am happy with how he is shaping up seeing as I only started him this am and haven't had a ton of time to work on him (maybe an hour and a half tops). I decided to reverse my normal metal trend and do the main plates in yellow metal and the filigree in white metal. I drybrushed the "skirt" with P3 greatcoat grey followed by a very light drybrush with P3 trollblood highlight. I just put the metal wash down and now have to wait for it to completely dry so might be heading to bed. If I end up staying up I think I am going to hit him with a layer of matte varnish to establish a save point prior to heading on to the detail work. OK enough talk on to the photos:

I am really liking the progress so this might make me break out the parts and make that full unit of "Tartarus' Bane Knights".

In the first Tartarus post I had a question about how I thin my metallic paint for airbrush usage. I mostly have used isopropyl alcohol but just got a new product and tried that out for this project. I was happy with the results.

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