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Friday, March 9, 2012

Scrum Week 8 Wip

I have gotten a little bit of work done on our cranky dwarf minion. I have his base nearly finished with the ink was drying as I write this. The fur cloak has been painted, washed, and drybrushed x2 highlights. I might do some additional shading washes to tint it a little but that will be the absolute final step if I decide to do it. The metals were blacked out, painted white metal, then yellow metal, and the last of that is drying prior to being washed. Left to do: to much to list :) I put the runeshaper grunt in this photo to show how much further ahead he is and how silly it is of me to not just finish him up but sometime I just get impulsive and irrational (see my purchase history). He should be ready for his metal wash so off I go. If for some reason it gets to about 10pm and he isn't close I will just do the skin in the runeshaper and call it a week.

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