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Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Miniature Monday

As promised the other day this weeks RMM is a Khador mini. Here is a Berserker I painted in, I believe, early 2010 when I was getting back into a Khador kick. This mini is painted in the colors of the 5th Border Legion. Ever since I picked up escalation all those years ago this has been my scheme of choice. I really like how this guy turned out but the photos are a little washed out. I need to improve my photography skills. This model was inspired by the works of two individuals both of whom have had an impact on my hobbying.

The first and largest inspiration was Tom Schadle of minivault fame. Tom is an amazing painter who's works I stumbled across years ago on his now dead webpage (his work can bee seen on his facebook just google minivault and his facebook will come up) and was inspired. He is way better than I ever hope to be having racked up multiple awards (both GW/PP) and now he actually paints some minis for PP and Wyrd. My Khador 5th Border Legion green is actually taken from his recipe book just not executed anywhere close to as well. One of these days when I get the balls I will try and add battle damage too but I always have such a hard time adding effects (damage/osl/lenses/gems) in fear that I will destroy the mini I just spent all that time on.

The second person that had an influence on this mini was Rob Hawkins formerly of PP staff. It was during the second staff challengee seen in NQ 28. This issue featured the start of Rob's extreme sculpt Butcher force. The queue I took from this was the addition of the skulls on the Butchers waist. My plan was to do a Butcher force where skulls were dangling off every 'jack and on at least one member of every units. I have a pile of bitz from PP for future projects (from Drago/eButcher). Rob's works can bee seen here: You can see the Butcher I was referring to on the Khador tab.

Rob also had a really big impact on me (and my wallet) during the first staff challenge seen in NQs 17-20. Even though this was a MKI article his progression/building of his Cryx force put me on a major Cryx buying spree. I really love what he did with his Egregore and wanted one like it since I saw it. It isn't anything over the top just a really nice addition/conversion. Expect to see more about Mr. Hawkins in the not too distant future :)

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