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Friday, March 9, 2012

Bath Time/Under the Gun (Again)

I am back after being on vacation. It is always fun to get a away for a bit but I always seem to be as tired if not more so after the vacation. Surprise surprise I am trying to rush to get a mini finished for this weeks 'scrum challenge. I really want to keep pushing on this as we are down to 10 people still in the running for the drawing at the end and I anticipate that will drop further if I can just stay at it.
I have been working a on a runeshaper some but haven't really gotten motivated by him so two nights ago I was looking at my partial shelf and decided some stripping was in order. I took out the plastic container and my Dawn Power Dissolve and some luck victims got dipped.

Brun, Lug, and Gunny fresh out of the bath.

Our buddies after a scrub with an old tooth brush.

I know this isn't really helping me get to fully painted Trolls by continuing to work on Minions but I paint better when I am in the mood to paint a specific model and this week I am thinking that is Brun. Gunny is there because I am pretty excited about a 50pt list I have been tinkering with for him however I cannot try that list out for real until April as I have to wait for the Rok upgrade pack (have a conversion idea for Rok brewing too).  After removing the guys from the bath last night I went to sleep. This am I made a cork rock base for Brun using my thicker cork and while I was at it made a rock base for Lug using my thinner cork. They both got primed and I started working on Brun.

As you can clearly see he is WAY away from being done and will take a bunch of work to finish. I will give him the old college try and see what we come up with. To hedge my bets I will also try and finish up the runeshaper which is much further along but not motivating me to paint. If I can get him finished his buddy Lug will be on deck for next week and maybe the good Captain after that. Wish me luck.....
I am gonna need it.

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