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Thursday, March 29, 2012

'Scrum Week 11 Wip

After ConQuest I have had a bit of a let down. The same thing happened after Templecon for me. I don't have time to let down as I still have a war wagon to try and win (seeing as I didn't win the raffle at ConQuest). I have a grand scheme planned out for my next 2 months of gaming which I will explain more next week some time. This weeks 'scrum mini is part of that plan. This week I started up the fennblade ua leader. My initial intention with the scrum challenge was to use it to paint up units one mini at a time. This was started with weeks one and two where I was working on my kriel warriors but I then split away from that. Seeing as I have plans to use my fenns more I decided to get that train rolling and try and bang out the unit over the next few weeks. The leader needs to have his skin highlighted one more time, the tartan highlighted, leathers highlighted, and then detail work finished up. I also need to get a base ready for him. Anyone that has the fennblade will notice that the ua leader is a little small compared to the plastics so I intend to put him on a cork rock base to add a little extra height and try and even it out. I hope to get a little bit done in the am before I go to sleep and then finish him up after I get up.

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