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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hangin' in There

On top of it being a work week I also started getting sick Monday afternoon. Due to the combination of these two things my progress has gone to a snails pace. I did a little work on Les' Carver and the fur on Lug Monday afternoon before I started feeling like poo. The Carver is really close at this point. I need to give the skin one more highlight, do a final highlight on the skulls, then detail work (nails, teef, eyes...). Even though Carver has taken me a lot longer to actually finish (have to work on it to finish it) I really enjoyed him. There is a small part of me that hopes Les doesn't like him and I can get him a replacement mini and keep this one :) You can expect to see some more bacon painted up in the not too distant future. Lug has a ton that needs to get done on him but at least the messiest section is essentially done.