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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hush Hush

Being sick most of the week really put me behind the 8-ball on this weeks 'scrum mini. Knowing I have a ton to get done still I decided to bring Lug into work with me tonight with a few paints to see if I could grab two 15min breaks to get a little done. Low and behold the night cooperated and I was able to grab ~20 min. In this time I slapped the white metals on, drybrushed the first two colors on the cork rock base (forgot the 3rd color at home, and based the light leather under the armor. The section I painted light leather I was planning to paint in my Searforge grey but I don't have the time for basecoat, wash, then a three color layer so that got axed. If the house is calm when I get home from work I will base the yellow metals, do my metal wash, drybrush the final highlight on the rock, and glue the sand on the base prior to taking my nap. After I get up from sleeping it will be a mad dash to finish him up before I have to snap a photo for Goris and leave for work. Shocker I am down to the wire......will I ever learn?

I also really need to decide what I am playing for ConQuest Toronto seeing as lists have to be emailed to Northblade in a week. I am nearly 100% sure (despite going 2 and 0 Saturday) I am dropping that Calandra list but not sure what I am going to play instead. If I want to play the "Family Reunion" list I need to get a few minis assembled still. I am really excited to head up there and hang out with some of those guys and get four rounds of gaming in (seeing as I have only played two games in over as month this will be sweet).

I cannot resist the call so in the not to distant future expect to see some Khador hitting the blog. I think in honor of this Monday's RMM will be the last Khador 'jack I painted prior to joining the Kriels.

That is all for now time to. Tune in tonight to hopefully see a finished bear :)

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