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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ConQuest Day 1 (Saturday)

Last weekend was ConQuest Toronto hosted by Northblade of Lost Hemisphere fame. I was looking forward to the trip since we decided to head North and give it a go.
We had 5 guys from our group heading up but we split into two vehicles seeing as some people were returning Sunday night after the tournament and some were heading back Monday am. We decided to try and get on the road no later than noon on Saturday so we had time once we got to Toronto to meet up with Northblade and maybe get a game in and then head out for dinner and drinks. We meet at Scudo's place around 11:30 and hit the road pretty close to noon. Upon picking us up at Scudo's PG_Z1G1 had a surprise for us. Zack has been working on a new tray design for transferring your army while at an event and he made one for Dave and myself which was sweet. The only problem at this time was for the event we were attending my two list weren't going to fit safely so it didn't get used this trip. I have discussed a few ideas with Zack and I think a few modification are in order and this will be my go to travel tray.

The trip went pretty smoothly until the very end. Seeing as we had left the country Zack switched his phone (GPS) over to airplane mode so when we missed our exit it never recalculated our route. We pulled off to see if we could grabs some WiFi and get back on track but the Tim Horton's we stopped at didn't have it. Being the resourceful group we are we had to kick it old school and pull out a real map and low and behold we actually found our way to the HoJos were we were staying :)

The other car left way earlier in the day then us and they had been sitting at the hotel for some time prior to our arrival. We unpacked the car, headed upstairs to the room, and gave Northblade a call to let him know we were in town. Northblade had made arrangements for us to play a game or two at his local FLGS prior to dinner. While we waited for Northblade to swing we set up a quick game of Quarrior! Ty, Zack, and I set up and Ty quickly proceeded to kick our ass (beginners luck).

Jamie (Northbalde) and Ayden (Boots) picked us up and we followed them to Hero's World. Scudo set up his gators to face off against Boots playing Constance Blaze and pirates while Zack set up against Fadi for some Khador on Khador action pitting the Old Witch vs her disciple eVlad. After this Khador grudge match ended I set up to play Fadi with a Jarl list (didn't want to tip my hand for tomorrow and all ;) ) We had a fun game with Fadi just missing an assassination run on Jarl due to some key terrain help. My counter attack with Jarl, a Bomber, and an EBDT ended the Prince.

It was now time to pack up and grabs some cocktails and grub. We sat and BS'd over food and drink until about 2am (I think they were trying to put us off our game so we wouldn't be taking their sword back tot the states the next day :) ) We all crashed about 3am with alarms set for 6am so we had time to get ready for 8am registration and game on. Next post I will cover the event.

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